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Scottish Literature

I'm still learning a lot about Scottish literature, so please forgive the paucity of this list:

The Book of Deer
The Dean of Lismore's Book
The Fernaig manuscript
The Black Book of Clanranald
The Red Book of Clanranald (NLS MS.3152)
The Black Book of Taymouth, 1598-1648

The English And Scottish Popular Ballads: the massive collection of Francis James Child.

Anonymous Poetry
Duan Albanach Song of the Scots
Briathran Fhinn Ri Oscar Address Of Fingal To Oscar
Prophecy of Berchán
Inmain tir in tir ud thoir The Lament of Deirdre
Réalta an chruinne Caitir Fhíona Star of the world, Catherine

Altus Prosator Altus Prosator
In te Christi translation of preface
Nolie pater translation of preface
Fil súil n-glas A Blue Eye Will Look Back
Robad mellach, a meic mo Dé An Exile's Dream
Tréide as dile lem fo-rácbus The Three Best-beloved Places
Is aire charaim Doire Derry
Is scíth mo chrob ón scríbinn My Hand is Weary of Writing
Delightful Would It Be To Me To Be In Ulster
That I might search the books all
A fir féil O Generous Man
A Maire mín, maithingen Invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Cros Chríst tarsin n-gnúisse Christ's Cross

Hymnus (Lorica) S. Mugintii Prayer for Protection

Dallan Forgaill
Amra Columb Cille The Eulogy for St. Columba
Amra Senain The Eulogy for St. Senan
Rop tú mo baile Be Thou My Vision

Beccan mac Luigdech
In Praise of St. Columba

Gillebrìghde Albanach
Aisling ad-chonnarc ó chianaibh A vision I saw some time ago
Fada Dhamh druim re hÉirinn Long am I with my back towards Ireland
Sgían mo charad ar mo chliú My friend's knife at my left side
Tabhraid chugam cruit mo ríogh Bring me my king's harp
Tháinig an Craobhdhearg go Cruachan The Red Hand has come to Cruachan
A ghilli gabhus an stiúir O Lad who takes the helm

Muireadhach Albanach Ó Dálaigh
Mithich domh triall gu tigh Pharais Tis time for me to go to the house of Paradise
M'anam do sgar riomsa a-raoir My soul parted from me last night
A Mhuireadhaigh, meil do sgín Muireadhach, sharpen your knife

Artúr Dall Mac Gurcaigh
Dál chabhlaigh ar Chaistéal Suibhne An arranging of a fleet against Castle Sweeny

Anglo-Scottish Works
John Barbour
The Brus
. .
. .
. .
Richard de Holand
Buke of the Howlat
. .
. .
. .
. .

The Legend Of Deer: from the Book of Deer.
Popular Tales of the West Highlands: vol. 1-4.
Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales

Works with an Arthurian Theme
Sgeulachd air Sir Uallabh O'Corn The Tale of Sir Gawain
Am Bròn Binn The Sweet, or Melodious, Sorrow
Bas Artuir The Death of Arthur
Laoidh an Amadáin Mhóir Lay of the Great Fool

The Gaelic Notes in the Book of Deer
The Carmina Gadelica: vol. 1 & 2
The Secret Common-Wealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies: Not religious in the traditional sense, but dealing with remnants of Fairy Faith.

NOTE: Like much early Scottish literature, the contents here range from Irish to Anglo-Scottish.
Lebor Bretnach The "Irish" Nennius
The Poppleton MS
De Situ Albanie Regarding the situation of Albania [Scotland] (mostly Isidorus of Seville)
Chronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum The Pictish Chronicle
Chronicle of the Kings of Alba
List of Dál Riatan and Scottish monarchs
Genealogy of William I
Foundation legend of St Andrews
Other Histories
The buik of the croniclis
The Declaration of Arbroath