Welcome to the Academy for Ancient Texts

The sole purpose of this website is to provide the largest online library of ancient texts in the world. This includes, but is not limited to, religious, metaphysical, mythological, philosophical, and historical texts.

Currently, there are many websites on the web that contain specialized ancient texts. It is my dream that these texts, which are in the public domain, can all be brought together in one place so you, the reader, can easily get the material you're seeking. It is a massive undertaking, one that will undoubtedly take many years to complete. Besides compiling what's readily available, there is still much work to be done in translating and transcribing those texts which are still housed in libraries such as the S. Liddell MacGregor Matthews library, and L'Arsenal de Bibliotheque in Paris, France. We hope to be able to send a team of translators to such places to continue the work, there.

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We have several hundred texts and documents waiting to be coded. There's just a smattering of texts, online, at the moment, (about 2,000). Many of these texts have been transcribed, scanned, and formatted by www.sacred-texts.com as well as many others whose links you will find at the tops of various pages. I am extremely thankful that these people have been kind enough to present their work to the public for non-commercial use, and to those who have allowed us to use their copyrighted material. 

There are thousands of texts that have yet to be translated or transcribed, and the world is hungry for them. Go to the library.

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