The seven questions put by Catwg the Wise, to the Seven Wise Men of the College of Llanvuthan, and the answers of these men:

"What is the greatest wisdom of man?"
"To be able to do evil and not to do it," answered St Tedio.

"What is the highest goodness of man?"
"Justice," answered Tahaiarn.

"What is the worst principle of man?"
"Falsehood," answered Taliesin, chief of Bards.

"What is the noblest action of man?"
"Correctness," answered Cynan, son of Clydno Eddin.

"What is the greatest folly of man?"
"To desire a common evil, which he cannot do," answered Ystyvan, the Bard of Teilo.

"Who is the poorest man?"
"He who is not contented with his own property," answered Arawn, son of Cynvarch.

"Who is the richest man?"
"He who does not covet anything belonging to others," answered Gildas of Coed Awr.

Preserved in the Myvyrian Archaiology vol III, and found in the notes to Lyra Celtica

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